Bageshwar Temples
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  Bageshwar is district place in Uttarakhand and located at confulence of Gomti River with Sarju River , Bageshwar word has been taken from Tiger God as " Byagreshwar ", Bageshwar is located at altitude of 3294 Above sea level, Bageshwar is located 470 Kms from National capital delhi , Nainital is 150 Kms from Bageshwar , As Bageshwar is situated at confluence of river Saryu Gomti & another river Bhagirathi which is latent , Bageshwar is related to lord Sadashiva and it is said that Bageshwar is redeemer of all sins. bageshwar is surrounded by Agni kund , Surajkund , Nileshwar & Bhileshwar mountains.

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Baijnath Temple : Famous temple of Lord Baijnath is situated on left bank of river Gomti, Another temple of Bamani ( Bramhani ) is located on way to Baijnath ji . It is said it was built by Bramhan widow and dedicated to lord Shiva.

Bagnath Temple: A Big Temple with pointed tower. This temple was built by the Kumaun king, Laxmi Chand, about 1450 A.D., Bagnath temple is filled with devotees on Maha Shivratri. This place has a bunch of temples. well-known temples are the Dattatrey Maharaj, Bairav temple, Ganga Mai temple, Durga Temple, Hanuman temple, Kalika temple, Vaneshwar Temple, Thingal Bhirav temple, & Panchnam Junakhara .

Chandrika Temple: Chandrika temple is very gorgeous temple dedicated to Goddess Chandika , This temple is located half a kilometer from Bageshwar temple. This temple attracts plenty of devotees in Navratras.

Sriharu Temple:Temple is located 5 Kms away from Bageshwar and a big fair is organises here at time of Vijaya Dashmi  and it is also said that this temple fulfill every wish of devotees.

Gauri Udiyar : This is cave temple and located 8 Kms from Bageshwar , This cave has size of 20 x 95 Sq Meters and dedicated to lord Shiva.

Some Other temples are located near Bageshwar are as Ramghat Temple, Agnikund Temple, Ramji Temple,Loknath Ashram , Nileshwer Mahadev, Ashram of Amit Ji, Kukudamai Temple, Jwaladevi Temple,Sitladevi Temple, Veni Mahadev Temple, Trijuginarayan Temple, Radha Krishan Temple, Hanuman Temple, Bhileshwar Dham , Nileshwar Temple,Surajkund Temple, Swargasharam , Siddtharth Dham , Golu Temple, Gopeshwer Dham, Praktishwer Mahadev.

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